Things we thought we left behind (a blog written in 2014)

 (I first wrote this in Feb 2014, and basically just forgot to publish it. But it is a good reminder for me now as I contemplate quitting social media out of frustration with fake closeness)

Last weekend, at the end of a trip to SF that was a crazy emotional roller coaster that started out with my girlfriends wallet being stolen, I sat down to brunch with 4 people that I hadn’t seen in a very long time. 

There was one of the first friends I made in LA who now lives in the East Bay and is still figuring out her place in the world. There was the couple who moved to CA from STL less than a year after I moved. One of which I’ve know since middle school who helped me become the rabble-rouser I am today when we started our high school’s first Gay Straight Alliance (which STILL exists) and her partner who is basically going to take over Silicon Valley in no time. And finally there was the friend who I haven’t shared physical space with in 9 years who even after all this time feels like a part of me. 

And as I sat there I felt complete. I felt like everyone at that table were exactly who I needed to be at that table right then. I remembered that there are people in this world that I have relationships with that don’t require daily attention. 

There are people in this world who I dearly miss but can never have back. 

There are friends that were just seasons who’s time has passed. 

But there are some people that sweep in and out of my life. Friendships that pick up without explanation, like years haven’t passed. I forget that these relationships exist..until I have my arms wrapped around them at brunch and I remember what their friendship feels like, looks like, smells like.