Running around in circles…

Hey Blog! How ya been?

I’ve been good. Making changes. You know what they say…the only constant is change. I’ve climbed some hills, hit some brick walls and just lived.

I miss writing, so I’m back. I guess this is what happens when you follow the advice of doing what you love for a living. I write all the time, for a living, in someone else’s voice, on someone else’s vision. It becomes a chore. But I miss getting everything that is swirling around in my head – out.

And there is so much in there. Revolution. Love. Friendship. Anger. Hurt. Depression. Growth. Questions.

Can I share me with you? Is anyone reading this? Does it even matter?

I’m still just looking for the same thing…to be seen. to be heard. to be…to be…me.

Just do me a favor and say my name.