Bring it.

Happy 2014!! For the last few days every time I have tried to write the year it has come out as 2015 and I don’t know what that means…maybe I am just eager to get to my 30th birthday or maybe deep down inside I know that 2014 is going to be so busy that I just want to skip to the safety of a non-election year. Who knows. 

I had the last two weeks off and I am so well rested! It’s kind of weird to have slept so much. I don’t think I’ve felt exhausted or even tired this entire time…and I even completely cut myself off of caffeine. (Someone should start a pool..I’m sure there is some money to be won over when I’ll be Starbucks dependent again). Other than sleep, I had a lot of time for reflection on the past year. SO MUCH TIME TO REFLECT!! 

Don’t worry, this isn’t where I start listing off all of the things that I learned, what I’m thankful for, what I lost. This is just where I say that there has been so much change in my life in the last year that I’m just so happy about…and that I’m still trying to wrap my head around. Oh, and that somethings are still the same and I’m happy about that too. 

On January 1, 2013 I woke up and probably was just sad as fuck that I had to go to work at that scary place that kinda felt like the zombie apocalypse. On January 1, 2014 I woke up to a text from my boss saying this year will be fun followed by a bunch of emojis and then I went to the beach with my boo. 

I have so much to celebrate in 2014…a new found understanding of the need for sleep, self-care and self-love…a deeper and better relationship with my love that is my favorite work in progress…being accepted into a leadership program that is scary and cool all at once… and a shit ton of motivation and ideas about how to change the world. 

I also have a new found appreciation for the SoCal weather as I watch my hometown deal with -100 temperatures. (Stay Classy STL!)

I’m ready for you 2014…Bring it!