Why I hope Queen Latifah NEVER comes out…

I have a secret. Coming out is not the foundation of a happy queer life. We confuse living your truth as a queer person as being rainbow flag bearers…when it’s really about living your life the way that makes you happy. If you know you are queer and you never lie and fake like you are hetero..you don’t owe anyone anything.

Over the last few weeks I’ve heard lots of talk about how queer celebrities have an obligation to come out..thanks to Raven and Jasmine Jordan…oh and ALWAYS Queen Latifah. The queer community goes on and on and on about how celebrities NEED to come out and they treat these celebrities like they don’t have talent, like they aren’t gorgeous..the only thing that matters is that they come out preferably in a big way.

I have another secret. Wanting to keep your personal life..personal..is not living in the closet. Saying that you are not going to talk about your sexuality (since heterosexual people aren’t ever asked about their’s) is not living in the closet. Waking up every morning next to someone you love and not sharing that with the world is NOT living in the closet.

Living your truth is about you being you, you sharing your true self with the people closest to you, and you experiencing love that is your own.

I’m not saying that “coming out” is not important..I’m just not convinced that coming out to the entire world has anything to do with a celebrities personal happiness.

Let’s be honest, how many of us “came out” to the entire world? None. We share that part of our life with our family and our friends and coworkers…the people we see every day. We came out to the people we want to share our lives with.

So let celebrities have their lives..because you are just a fan..K. I personally hope that Queen Latifah NEVER “comes out” and just keeps living being true to her authentic self. (and don’t give me that “We need to see our selves represented” bs.. whats the difference between knowing she is queer and hearing her say she is queer? Right…none… press on with life please!)

Now go get yourself some business. lol