Fly me to the moon

Well.. not me. I don’t want to go to the moon. I am, however, very interested in when the moon or mars or some kind of giant space station will be ready for crazy ass conservatives to flee..leaving behind all that is right and good in the world. 

I love diversity. I love that people come in different colors and shapes and sizes. I love that we all have different languages, different levels of education, different talents and tastes… but I can not stand batshit crazy conservative ass holes. 

There I said it. 

I just can’t get down. It’s fine if you believe in something completely different from me..just don’t be completely ignorant or a raving lunatic that recites back everything you hear on Faux News or the 700 Club or your racist down the street neighbor. 

Find some real values and act according to them. (Not “Christian Values”..that’s not a thing. Are there like little packaged bundles of values out there? Is it like a zip file of values? Do they come cheaper if you buy your values in bulk?)

Don’t just find someone you think is like you and follow their word blindly into the abyss. Also, don’t make up facts…don’t deduce things…don’t decide you know the facts because you said them so much you believe them. And if your fake facts get challenged.. whatever you do..don’t argue them to the death because you are too brainwashed and stupid to realize you are losing!! 


Note to self: Don’t read rightwing anti Obamacare craziness after midnight. That shit makes me crazy!! 


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