Yesterday my phone died at about 11AM and there was nothing I could do about it.

Great. How would I survive with no connection to the outside world?

I made it through a meeting, lunch and a train ride with out it. I got no text messages. I got no emails. I got no phone calls, no Instagram notifications, no likes on facebook, no music, no candy crush, no lurking on twitter.

I didn’t even know what time it was.

But something important happened… I was present in the moment. I was having conversations without fidgeting..looking my friend in the eye the entire time. I didn’t take a picture of my food before I ate it, didn’t tell the world about where we were, didn’t multitask through our conversation.

Sometimes being connected to everyone in every way feels like you are being present..like you get extra points for knowing what is happening with everyone all the time. But there are no extra points because nobody is taking score and if they were we would just be losing. It made me wonder how much I miss regularly. How much of conversations I don’t hear, how many smiles I don’t take notice of ever day.

Yesterday I learned that I can survive a few hours without knowing every thing in the whole world. I’m seriously contemplating going on a phone detox…a complete break from the unnecessary just to see what I am missing.

Could I survive that?


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