They Are Not Here For Us

Earlier today I sat down and wrote a long post about the marriage equality discussions we have been having lately. I wrote a long piece about how overturning Prop 8 won’t magically make gay marriage legal every where. I wrote about how much more important the DOMA decision is and how even if they overturn Prop 8 we are still not equal if they don’t overturn DOMA. 

Lastly, I wrote about how this marriage equality fight is a gay white cis man’s this is the only hurdle between gay white cis men and their full privilege and I asked :

Do these privileged gay white men that only have one hurdle (marrying another gay white man) suddenly pivot and work toward the rest of the issues that plague the LGBTQ community? Will they fight for ENDA? Will they rally for protections against violence for Trans people? Will they lobby changes that effect more than just themselves?

 Have they ever before?

Or will all the rest of us that have bigger problems than just not being able to get a piece of paper or file joint federal taxes… the people who have been told to be quiet and wait our turn be just left to fight for ourselves..again?


I would just post the entire blog here, but, I already have the answer. I found it in an article on Colorlines. The headline reads… HRC Apologizes for Mistreating Trans and Immigrant Activists at Supreme Court Rally.

EVEN now, even at a rally for “equality” they are not here for us! 

At the end of the day while we sit with our issues tucked away, holding on to the promise that if we just get marriage equality it will make the other fights easier…they are out planning their weddings and filling out paperwork to adopt their little black and brown babies.

I’m not saying don’t fight for marriage equality. What I am saying is that if your idea of love and family doesn’t match theirs, or if your biggest worry is about making it home safely every night or being able to find housing and good healthcare, don’t believe for one second your issue is next on their agenda and be careful whose logo you pop into your profile pic on Facebook.