Let’s have a kiki

If a kiki is a party for calming all your nerves.. then this new blog of mine will be all spilling tea!

I’m Jess…but you probably already know that if you are here. You might already know who I use to be…back before I ever hit 25 I was a Quarterlife Queer. I use to stalk the twitterverse as Doubleque but now I lurk as JessheartsLA (bc I’m so in love with the city..i can’t stay indoors long enough to tweet!).

You may know me from some incarnation of my life…but I bet you have no idea what’s really going on in the mind of a girl living in LA that’s not white, straight or skinny.

I’m different than who you thought I was.

I usually start blogs in times of great change..when I was trying to figure out what to do post undergrad, when I was trying to figure out graduate school, when I was moving to California, and then when I couldn’t find a place or purpose here.

Now, I’m not blogging because I’m lost, because I need to put the pieces together or talk my way through a huge decision. Now, I’m blogging because my life is INCREDIBLE and because I want to share my thoughts and experiences, share the lessons I learned the hard way and give public thanks for the people and things that have changed me for the best and continue changing me.

No, my life isn’t perfect and it is far from being stagnant or settled..I have some big things brewing. Like, when will I either quit or be fired from the job from hell (stay tuned for that story)? Where will my love and I move to next (maybe to a new neighborhood near by, maybe 2000 miles away…you’ll have to wait and see)? Why am I having surgery in January? What fun things are we doing next?

It feels different not to start a blog out of utter desperation to be heard or with out being censored as to not hurt anyone’s feelings. It feels so different to write because I am free not because I want to be free.

I would say 2013 is going to be MY year, but don’t we say that every single year?

2013 is the year of the KiKi…and honey I have so damn much to say 😉